LG Display Should be Your Choice of Display in 2014

Apr 29, 2014
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According to research firm DisplaySearch(http://www.displaysearch.com),the shipments of LG Display’s large-sized LCD panels over 9.1-inch were close to 1.9 billion units with a market share of 26.7%. Continuing its dominance in market share for 17 succeeding quarters since the fourth quarter of 2009, LG Display has secured its top position in the industry. Let’s learn what the 2014 objectives are for display industry’s leading producer, LG Display.


Securing the No.1 Position in OLED


LG Display will continue to take the lead in OLED market with our super-sized Curved Display models with Ultra HD resolution. In order to achieve this, we will take the initiative to expand OLED TV market with lineup of a wide range of products including 55, 65 and 77-inch TVs.

With 2 million extra units of sub-pixels than RGB OLED, LG Display’s own WRGB technology for OLED TV will provide the best resolution through the perfect realization of the natural colors and outstanding expression of color black, as well as wider viewing angle.


Strengthening the Competitiveness of Ultra HD in LCD Business

LG Display Ultra HD

This year’s Ultra HD market is expected to be super-sized and premium product-oriented market. LG Display will form a Ultra HD lineup of various sizes including the 70-inch super-sized Ultra HD and curved Ultra HDs of various sizes from 55 to 105-inch. We also plan to dominate the global Ultra HD market by expanding the product family to commercial 42, 49 and 55-inches.

We will continue to increase the application of IPS and high resolution to tablet and smartphone devices that cannot be neglected, when discussing displays.

We will also continue our efforts to increase our competitiveness in China market by moving up the operation of 8th generation LCD production line in Guangzhou, which is under construction.


Acquiring Differentiated Future Technology

LG Display Transparent Display

In 2012, LG Display was selected to become part of a national project to develop super-sized, transparent and flexible OLEDs, and it is now focusing on developing large transparent flexible display of over 60 inches by 2017.

We also plan to further develop glasses-free 3D of Fixed Lenticular Lens, and Switchable Lenticular Lens method which can switch back and forth freely between 3D and 2D. We also plan to further secure differentiated future technologies such as 500ppi (pixel per inch) ultra-definition display and more.

LG Display plans to dominate the market in 2014 with its unbeatable competitiveness based on customer value. By responding quickly to the market trends, we will continue on with our efforts to offer you even better experience, so please stay tuned for more.