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Simulation Software Used in Display Industry
From the planning process, all products undergo by trial and error. To predict what would happen in real life situation and analyze potential problems beforehand, simulation method is used. OLED TV, which is known as the ultimate TV display, is also developed through simulation process. Today, LG Display Newsroom will introduce you to simulation, which is widely used in display industry.
All about Head Up Display (HUD)
If you have ever watched any of Marvel’s Iron Man movie series, you might remember seeing Tony Stark looking at lots of graphs and numbers in front of his eyes, talking to his A.I. assistance Jarvis, and fighting with his enemy, all at the same time. The transparent screen that Tony is looking at is the Head Up Display (HUD), which is a display designed to show information on the façade of the glass. Today, LG Display Newsroom will explain HUD technology that is currently being utilized or developed.
Laser Technology for More Precise Display
Whether it is a large screen UHD TV in your living room or a smartphone in your hand, the displays of these devices all start from a glass panel. Each glass panel is cut to fit respective device to be used as a display. Previously, wheel cutting method was used to cut a glass panel. However, due to the relatively large width of the wheels, the error tolerance was greater and thus it was more difficult to develop a narrow bezel or a round edged display. Laser cutting method was developed to address these disadvantages of the wheel cutting method.
Map of Human Brain Portrayed on OLED TV
LG Display is providing 55-inch curved OLED TV for video art display at Hybrid Highlights – Switzerland & Korea, an exhibition at Seoul National University Museum of Art (MoA), which focuses on depicting the application of digital technology in art and science. This exhibition lasts for 60 days from October 8th to December 7th. Today, LG Display Newsroom will present this exhibition that brilliantly expressed the hybrid between art and science through OLED TV.
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LG Display, the world’s leading innovator of display technologies, announced today that it has developed a 5.3-inch Full HD LCD panel for smartphones with the world’s narrowest bezel at 0.7mm. With this cutting-edge display, LG Display continues to lead the market in high-resolution large-size displays for mobile devices. “With the growing trend for large screen …

Recently, there has been a rumor that the performance and quality of Quantum Dot (QD) display and OLED display are not that different. To prove it wrong, LG Display Newsroom has prepared an explanation to why OLED, the best of all display technology today, is superior to QD, which is based on LCD technology.  Quantum …

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